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Current Events & Announcements:

Choir Practice    St. Andrew's Choir meets every Thursday @                                 7:15pm. All are welcome to join us for a time of                             song and music!

Bible Study        Every Friday @ 9:30am, we have a Bible                             Study in the church hall. The Study is open to                             people from all different denominations,                             religions, and no faith affiliation. For more                             information please contact Rev. Matteo                                         at 682-2216.

​Mother's Day Concert    May 14. The St. Andrew's Choir will be                                          joined local musicians to celebrate                                          Mother's Day the only way we know                                          how: with song and dance! The concert                                          begins at 7pm. Good will offering at the                                          door. Tea, coffee, and dainties will be                                          served afterwards.

Learn how to vote and where to find information
May 16, 7-10pm, at Canton House of Prayer, 218 Main St, Humboldt. Join Joshua & Toyin Crandell to learn where to find information about candidates, about important issues during an election, and how to participate in electoral system.
Painting the Church
Top: (left) painting the entrance walls and ceiling.

Top: (right) painting the doors.

Bottom: painting the kitchen.
A big thank you to all volunteers who came to help paint the church and the volunteers who fed the painters. This was a big task that was only made possible by your help, generosity, and hard work. Thank you!